The second issue of the Chapters series focuses on the question of how design processes can be shaped through dialogue to give different actors the opportunity to add, remove or change something in an attempt to exceed the expectations of everyone involved.

The fist part of the book investigates the work of Brussels-based architecture firm 51N4E and 2 design-focused consulting firms, Endeavour from Antwerp and Denkstatt from Basel. All 3 companies explore the boundaries of architecture, advocating openness and dialogue with clients and users.

A second part of the publication examines the hidden presence of this “design in dialogue” approach in a wide range of European architecture firms and their projects—not as a new methodology to study, but as a liberating attitude to share, cherish, and develop.

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2020 - 2021
Ruby Press
ETH Zurich, 51N4E, Denkstatt, Harder Haas, Atelier Bow-Wow, Lacol, Studio Paola Viganò, Equip 10+1, Onkruid, Caruso St John Architects, and Communitism